Moscow Letovers

A total of 3852 photos were taken by me in Moscow! That is just… wow!

Though I shared the best of these photos in a series of posts, there are a few more photos I’d like to share here.

This is the Tsoi Wall, located on Arbat street. (Viktor Tsoi was the vocalist of Russian rock band ‘Kino’ and he was killed in a car accident in ’90.) The wall is mostly covered in grafitti done by fans, featuring some lyrics of his music.




These were taken in the Arbat street itself – there were a ton of tourists, a bunch of souvenir shops. I gotta admit, I bought myself a Putin mug. lol.



Apparently, there was a trolleybus exhibit earlier that day. On our way back, we stopped to take some photos – we were lucky enough to make it – they were already closing the exhibit and loading the old trolleybuses on trucks. This one was the first trolleybus used in USSR, in St. Petersburg, and was manufactured in 1936.



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