Ducks and Shades of Fall in Moscow

One of the reasons I really enjoyed my stay in Moscow is that ‘classic’ fall that is shown everywhere on the internet – yellow leaves, cloudy and rainy days, etc. As I’ve mentioned before we don’t get that in Israel so I was really excited to finally see all of that haha.




On one of my last days there – I went on a short trip at a small, local park – one of many spread across Moscow. It had a small river (more like a canal) in it, plenty of trees, ducks, and overall I got the feeling that I’m not in the center of on of the largest cities in the world – even though the park is located right near a massive road, it was surprisingly quiet and the tall trees added to this isolated atmosphere. I guess the locals really enjoy going there, even for an hour, just to relax and forget about everything.


I took some shots of the ducks that were in the canal (they were mostly found under the small bridges – they’re already used to people feeding them over there 🙂 ). I couldn’t get as close as I got to the water birds back in the National Park of Ramat Gan, but I still got some nice shots.





One of the pidgeons was almost posing for my camera – it patiently stood there, chaning poses once in a while and let me get super close.



On our way back, there was a photography exhibition in the park – ‘Moscow Through the Eye of Tourists’ – and it featured some nice shots taken by tourists from other countries (mostly Belarus, Poland, France and even Israel). Hmm, I wonder how I can sign up to something like this 🙂


These are the last photos I have from Moscow – now, I have to upload them to my flickr account (might take a while – there’s tons of them). The Moscow chapter is over for me (at least until December) – now I can get back to what I love most – Macro. (And focus on my new job).


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