Ladybug: Creative Macro

A while ago I stumbled upon some ladybugs, and by “some” I mean hundreds of them! Maybe they were used as some sort of biological pest control against aphids? Who knows..

Anyway, I put a few of them in a plastic bag (with holes, of course) and took them home.

I took some nice macro shots, and used some unusual backgrounds; Aluminium cake tins, plastic bags, etc. I also used a few sources of lighting – my SB-700 speedlight and a few compact flashlights. All were taken with a Nikon D7100 and an inverted NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8.

Starting from the more conventional photos:


1/250s, ISO 800


1/250s, ISO 500


Some backlighting. 1/125s, ISO 500

I used a pink plastic bag for the background in this one.


1/125s, ISO 500

One nice tip I learned from the macro workshop I attended last February was using a lemon leaf as background, with some backlight. I wasn’t disappointed! (Having a lemon tree in your yard is useful for more than just lemons. Haha.). The holes in the leaf make it look like a starry sky.


1/125s, ISO 500

Moving onto the aluminium cake tins.


Love the bokeh. f/1.8, 1/125s, ISO 1000


1/125s, ISO 1000

Who thought a thing so small could cast such a big shadow?


1/125s, ISO 500


1/125s, ISO 1000

A microfiber cloth provided a nice background.

The same plastic bag was used here, only this time it looked more purple. The ladybug itself was put on some mesh bag I found lying around the house.


1/125s, ISO 1000

It was a very fun photo session, though having 8 ladybugs running around on your table at the same time makes it difficult to keep track of them haha.

High quality images are avaliable on my flickr account 🙂




5 Comments Add yours

  1. How many dots they have st the plece you live? In Poland we have native with 7 dots. There is some other, asian type, enemy of our 7-dotsy


    1. zer0distance says:

      I think the local ladybugs have either 6 or 7 dots 🙂


  2. Beautiful collection. I especially like the green background and the last photo.


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