Crash course in Flower Surgery


Hibiscuses will forever be one of my favorite flowers; so colorful and big, just beautiful! And they are also my favorite flowers to shoot. Just look at all the details! At first look, you would never imagine how the pollens look from up-close.

After finding some nice Hibiscus flowers and bringing them home, my kitchen looked more like a surgery room.. for flowers.



(Photos are taken with my phone, thus the shitty quality).

After cutting the flowers into pieces and completely taking them apart, I started finally taking the photos.

Equipment that was used is Nikon D7100 with a reverse 28mm f/2.8 NIKKOR lens mounted on extension tubes (12+20+36mm). For lighting I used my SB-700 speedlight, along with my phone’s camera for extra light when needed.

I started with the petals, and sprayed them with some water for a nice effect:


1/250s, ISO 1000


1/250s, ISO 1000

Moving on to the Hibiscus stigma. Using some water here, too.


1/250s, ISO 1000


1/250s, ISO 1000
monster-ii_28471935485_o1/250s, ISO 1000


1/250s, ISO 1000

The pollen were the most surprising. Looking kinda like caviar, their shape is not exactly round but more star like.


1/250s, ISO 1000


1/250s, ISO 1000

Shutter speed and ISO were the same for all photos since I was using the speedlight, and the lighting conditions were practicly the same.

By the way, all I could think of while taking these photos was this:


High quality images can be found on my flickr account 🙂


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