High in the sky

After visiting the National Park in Ramat Gan, I continued my trip to the Israeli Diamond Exchange; I visited my boyfriend at his new office, at the Atrium Building.


1/200s, f/9, ISO 100

His office is located at the 22nd floor, and there’s a great view to the city.

Sadly, there are blinds on the windows, and you can still see them on the photos. View’s still great though, and I managed to get some nice shots.


1/200s, f/9, ISO 100

Many parts of this area are still under construction. (It always seemed to me, that Tel Aviv, in general, is always under construction).


1/200s, f/9, ISO 100

I started my trip from southern Tel Aviv, so here are some photos from there;


Forever stuck in traffic. 1/160s, f/13, ISO 100


Some of Tel Aviv’s skyscrapers. 1/160s, f/13, ISO 100

One of my favorite photography locations is this city. I love it, I hate it, I don’t even know how I feel about this city, but there’s just something unique about it. Spending almost every day in the last 2 years in this city made me realize it.

High quality images will be avaliable at my flickr account later this week.



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