The Mantis

As I’ve mentioned already, my favorite photography genre is macro. There’s just something fascinating in seeing all those little details. Everyday items turn into screenshots from a fantasy movie, bugs can be either beautiful or very terrifying under the lens, and pretty much everything looks extraodrinary.


1/200s, ISO 1600, Manual mode

Taking macro photos of flowers is way easier and it’s what I do most of the time, but when I get the chance to take photos of some insect – I just love it!


1/200s, ISO 1600, Manual mode


1/160s, ISO 1250, Manual mode

A while ago, back in January, I was at Nadav Bagim’s macro workshop. You may know him by the name AimishBoy, and if you don’t, you should totally check out his work. The guy is SUPER talented, and I’ll forever be amazed by his creativity.


1/160s, ISO 1250, Manual mode


1/160s, ISO 1250, Manual mode

Many of his works feature a mantis, and since then I’ve been looking for them allover, so I could finally experiment with some macro shots of them. I’ve taken photos of bees, ants, snails (yes, they’re not insects, I know) and even a grasshopper, so when I finally came across a mantis I stopped everything I did at that moment and ran to grab my camera.

I must say that it’s way easier to take photos of a mantis than any other insects. It can sit silently for minutes on a branch and it doesn’t run away at the sight of a camera. Actually, mine was quite curious and jumped on my lens a few times.

I used a reverse 28mm f/2.8 NIKKOR lenas with 2 extension tubes (36+20mm) attached to it on my Nikon D7100, so some of the exif data is missing. I mostly use f/2.8 – f/8. I also used my SB-700 speedlight (one of the cons of using a reverse lens and extension tubes is the lack of light) and some desk lamps (and even my phone’s flashlight haha) to overcome the lack of light. ISO is high for this exact reason, too.


1/160s, ISO 1250, Manual mode


1/160s, ISO 1250, Manual mode

Hopefully, sometime soon I’ll write more about this photography technique. Stay tuned!

High quality images will be avaliable at my flickr account later this week.


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